Doctoral Study Programme

Doctoral studies at CTU, FME

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Doctoral studies at CTU, FME, Department of Energy Engineering

This branch covers a wide scope of problems related to the acquirement, transformation and application of all basic types of energies indispensable for the function, development and stability of the national economy. Basic theoretical study provides fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics, thermomechanics and fluid mechanics and other theoretical fundamentals of the field such as e.g. combustion theory, nuclear reactor physics, thermohydraulics of power production equipment.

In the sub-branch of thermal power production equipment problems are solved of the combustion of fossil fuels, steam and gas boilers, steam and gas turbines and all types of heat exchangers, condensers and cooling towers. In all problems investigated a minimization is observed of the detrimental effect of thermal power production equipment on the environment within the range of economically acceptable measures. The main problems concerned are the denitrification and desulphurization of combustion products and fluid combustion technologies including coal gasification.In the sphere of nuclear power production equipment the doctoral study programme is mainly focused on problems concerning the safety of the above equipment,  assessment of the hazards of this type of equipment and  prospective nuclear energy systems.Within the sub-branch of compressors, refrigerating equipment and hydraulic machines, problems are solved pertaining to compressors, vacuum and cryogenic technologies, hydraulic machines, refrigerating technologies and buildings and application of heat pumps including exploitation of solar and wind energy.Included in this field is also a  sub-branch of  applied electronics which covers measuring methods, electromechanical phenomena and electric drives in power production engineering.